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View Mobile has provided unique mobile audiovisual TV broadcasting service which can be received by a CD-sized antenna, without being required to point precisely at the satellite. This enables this service can be enjoyed in a mobile environment, either in a car, a caravan, a yacht, etc.

Geographical Reach
Coverage of View Mobile Broadcasting Service
View Mobile has utilized a novel video streaming technology developed over ten years time, and applies a unique L-band satellite, Afristar, to broadcast popular TV channels to offer an end-to-end mobile TV service platform. Afristar is a specially developed L-band digital broadcasting satellite. View Mobile owns its full use right and has activated its northeast beam to operate the service in MENA region, which is the northeast beam coverage zone. Users will be able to enjoy the same TV channel programs while moving through the coverage zone.

View Mobile TV broadcasting service is supported by a variety of mobile devices from major manufacturers equipped with a compatible L-band receiver & Antenna. For devices information please click to visit
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